When You Swim With The Sharks

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When you swim with the sharks, Let not your fear show, Breathe like you have gills, Be vary of your surroundings, Be sure and precise when you escape their scents. One wrong move, and you will be its prized capture – shobana

Some books that might interest your summer reading! A review will be much appreciated. Have a safe, wonderful weekend everyone.

The Healing Riverbeds is an entry for the Kindle UK Storyteller Contest. $0.99 on Kindle.

“Mom, do you know Pablo Picasso? Sandra asked.

He says that “Everything you imagine is real!” – extract from The Healing Riverbeds.


The Curse of the White Rose – The Story

“I remember looking at a wolf in the eye once, thinking that something lurked behind those glowering eyes that stared back at me. It had been standing on a rock, glaring deep into my eyes, then, it ran away after seeing that I stood rooted to the ground staring back at it with the same intensity.”

Free to Read – Like to vote.

Thank you – shobana


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