An Answer To A Million Prayers

Sometimes I wondered if God was with me,

Not a day had gone by, when I gave up asking,

Not a minute, unrest in my troubled mind, set me asking again, again.


I once stood in prayer, looking up to heaven,

My thoughts cloudy, My heart heavy,

I rested my world on His lap.


Turbulence led to upheavals,

And, I had been through trials after trials,

If not for my faith,

Perseverance would have lost its fight,

I would have been another statistic,

In a long list of the “killed”


If I thrive, come what may, I shall proudly display, the badge of honor worn by survivors.

It took a million prayers and more, a lot of kindness, and strength, a steadfast heart, and a world of heroes to get me back the life I own.

-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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