That Beautiful Rainbow

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It had been a long, long time,

Since I saw that rainbow appear in the sky,

It was of the colors so spoken about,

I am sure there are the other colors interspersed within it unseen.


That beautiful rainbow gave me hope,

From the weariness of life’s challenging woes,

The once unspoken, or seen by all,

That rainbow gave me the hope I longed for.


I know that its brief spell across the sky,

Is its way of hiding between clouds,

To tell a world of tardiness, that it will shine and cast its colors,

Only when the rain has washed out all its grime.


No more, no more fear in me,

I have survived the grime and the ills,

I have encountered a rising now,

I have been anointed by a blessing.


No evils or man’s diseased thoughts,

His manipulation to sabotage,

To kill me off was his undoing,

For now all mankind knows of his tiresome deeds.


That beautiful rainbow that shows itself,

After that nourishing rain, and the screening of the Sun,

I am the lucky one, I am the chosen,

For my story is now breathed by all,

The once unspoken, or seen by all.


-shobana- All rights reserved@copyright@shobana2020

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