Rock of Rocks

Little Aarav and me, on our first holiday together!

My books from Amazon arrived. It was the best feeling ever to see it print. As always, the first thing I did was to share the news on my FB page. To those who ordered a copy, I want to thank you for the support and love shown to me. And, I had a few who read it on Kindle, the sad thing is I don’t know who they are except for Loretta Milan and Christina Francine, (the enigmatic writer and educationist who gave me a 5 star review on Amazon). Thanks to all of you who purchased it on Kindle. I hope you enjoyed the read.


I have had so many people write to me asking to enlist their services for a review on Amazon. But Amazon has a policy where writers are not to solicit reviews. Then again, even immediate family members are not allowed to write a review. I wonder why that is so.


Anyway, today is my dad’s 10th year death anniversary. I miss him and his smile. He was the most gentle grandfather, and father. I miss how he was always so proud of our achievements and would rant and rave about it to all an sundry. I wish he could read my books. But, I remember that when I started writing, and he read my first poem, he blessed me, saying, “God bless you, It is a very nice poem. I know you will become rich writing poetry. lol.” I laughed when he said that. He always wanted us to have the best of everything. It wasn’t about the money, my dad knew how hard I worked and how success was something I always chased after. I wish so badly that he was here today, to see all the successes in my family. My two daughters are professionals now, and little Aarav would have been the next light of his life. All the grandchildren were his precious loves. He would molly-coddle them and totally spoil them. They shared so many funny moments with him and his love was the epitome of a grandfather’s love, and I am glad they had a chance to know that kind of love.


Rest in peace, Pa – we love and miss you.


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