Inspired By You

The water was crystal clear,

You can almost see the sea-beds while elevated in a building near,

Can you see the stretch?

First the beach sands immersed by sea water,

Then the depth of the sea somewhere hovering near the deep,

Sea-beds trail within clarity – its prominence so near.


Do you remember walking with me,

Hands entwined, within the sereneness of placidity,

We took graceful steps,

Leaving the sands something to remember us by,

Our footprints of love.


And, while we languished in our love,

Uncaring if the wind was creating a storm with the tides,

The breeze filling us with refreshing anecdotes of laughter,

Yes, we laughed with the mirth of the breeze,

So carefree were we.


The sea remained calm through it all,

When we kissed, we encountered the stars, hidden from view,

Wasn’t it daylight still?

They stayed hidden till the sun went down,

Only after did they show their brilliance,

Just like us,

Our love shone sometime between dawn till dusk,

continuing through the night, till it dawned once more,

Our love, a remaking of timeless essence.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

Unable to paint, she says “I will leave it till the riverbeds heal, till its waters flow freely once again!”

On Kindle $0.99 (An Entry for the Kindle UKStoryteller Contest)

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