That Place Called Heaven

It is the place where the Sun breathes a little,

And paves the way for a drizzle,

So that the clouds water the gateways of another world.

Of course, it is just as colorful as the orange of its sunrise,

Or the orange of its sunset,

Sometime at the rise of dawn, or set of the dusk,

When the rush of the tides wash away the remnants of a day past,

Alongside the grime of worldly clatter,

And careens with the scepter of the living.

That’s a place called Heaven!


He waltzes just as the breeze,

So light on his feet, he gently leads her steps,

Whirling on tides like the seas,

Rush of emotions as blinding as those starstruck gaze,

Where he cannot see past his love.


It matters not where you are,

Shipwrecked or berthed,

The sacredness of true love,

Will channel your way to the “One”


Obsession can be both frightening and fulfilling,

You might have to leave your thoughts that bind,

And recklessly abandon,

Your life to a never-ending rhyme of wanting.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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