That Beautiful Rainbow

It had been a long, long time, Since I saw that rainbow appear in the sky, It was of the colors so spoken about, I am sure there are the other colors interspersed within it unseen. ~ That… Read More

Rock of Rocks

My books from Amazon arrived. It was the best feeling ever to see it print. As always, the first thing I did was to share the news on my FB page. To those who ordered a copy, I… Read More

Inspired By You

The water was crystal clear, You can almost see the sea-beds while elevated in a building near, Can you see the stretch? First the beach sands immersed by sea water, Then the depth of the sea somewhere hovering… Read More

Sunrise Rhapsody

I lean towards the morning with the sunrise in viewWatching it rise above a mountain of dewI take a walk just measuring the moments anewJust like a new day grazing past a sky filled with drapes I take… Read More


The timekeeper kept staring at the clouds, His glass of water crystal clear, His thirst not near quenched, His faltered heart a little fearful, To face the void of an empty vessel. He sips, and leaves about a… Read More

That Place Called Heaven

It is the place where the Sun breathes a little, And paves the way for a drizzle, So that the clouds water the gateways of another world. Of course, it is just as colorful as the orange of… Read More

Would You Share That Spot With Me

Would you share that spot with me, Under the umbrella like tree, It seems like it will somehow be able to sprinkle a little of the sea breeze on me, And maybe just protect me from those sunny… Read More


The shimmer of the setting sun glistens against crimson clouds, its fa├žade, unblemished. The lighthouse stands regal, as stoic witness. The waters create a contrasting veneer on an evening of nostalgia. Nothing can disturb its peace, not even… Read More

On Truth!

“If I told you the truth, you would never believe it. Hence, I am caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. But, truth is something you can never hide. It will find its way out of… Read More

An Exquisite Encounter

Hi Everyone, Did we think twice about going on a holiday?No way, ho-sea!! We packed our bags, got into the car and drove to the exotic Penang Island, The Pearl of the Orient, over the weekend. It is… Read More