Some positive thoughts my way!

Nothing like being given the confidence boost:)

A feedback from an English Author on The Healing Riverbeds:
And the good news is, she has proposed that we work on a joint collaboration on promoting the book.

By Loretta Milan, Founder of Lightbox Originals and Author,
United Kingdom. “Well done on entering Hidden in the Crevices of Time into a competition. I’ve just finished reading ‘The Healing Riverbeds’ which I found really thought provoking. You asked some deep questions which I stopped to ponder. I loved the way you blended your thoughts with a story and would definitely read more like this!”

Inspired by the pandemic, I wrote this book of healing and hope.
Am delighted that Loretta found it a thought-provoking one, which is what I aimed to have imparted in the first place. It is sold on Amazon worldwide: On Kindle for USD0.99 / Paperback Edition for USD3.58.

For Malaysian Readers:
I shall be getting my author copies soon and if anyone is interested to buy a copy, please let me know. Shipping rates apply. Have a great week ahead everyone. Thank you.

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