Out of nothingness came that speck of hope,

That light that everyone tries to find at the end of a tunnel,

I, at the least was the master of my fate, though I must say that,

It was not the type of fate that you would envision for someone like me,

There were days when nothingness was quite the luxury.


Every day when the Sun rises,

I breathe with renewed hope,

Another day to welcome, Another gift to see the world around me,

My vision clears all misconceptions,

Am I not the survivor of ridden clouds.


I have lived more than the years that are upon me,

I have outlived the storm that had once straddled me,

Those storms, now I see them as hurdles so small,

At one time, they did overwhelm me.


Yes, out of nothingness I have seen a ray of hope,

Out of nothingness, I am but who I was meant to be.


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The Healing Riverbeds by [Shobana Gomes]

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