When the warmth of the Sun is just Awaking

Crab, Crustacean, Claw, Marine

Some days there are tiny crabs that show itself on those sands,

Those are days when the warmth of the Sun is just awaking,

When the tides playfully rush to shore.


You might pick one of those little crabs, feel it tickle the palm of your hands,

And wonder at how it survives in a big world.


The world is large enough, it tells the story,

Look at me, I have the ocean, the sands, the beautiful clouds,

the magnificence that surrounds crustaceans like me.


My world might only last a day,

The Seagulls might prey on me,

But, even through the hours of my survival,

I know the big world enough to whisper of it as paradise.


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-shobana- Copyright@shobanagomes2020

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