The Way to Beautiful

The other day, I had a visitor who read this entry I posted in https://alittletimewithshobana.blogspot.com, so I thought I would re-post it here. Hope you enjoy! (From my book “Walking Through Beauty, Timeless Footsteps”)

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The Way to Beautiful

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What attracts a man to a woman?

Her gentleness,
Her soft tenderness,
Her gracefulness,
Her appealing daintiness.

A charmer on a quest, his eyes seeked a beauty,
Who woke his senses, like the touch of gentle rain.

His heartbeat was irrational, much like the flickers of twinkling stars,
When she smiled, it reminded him of the first sign of dawn,
Flawless, Awakening, Mesmerizing.
His eyes sought her thoughts.

The way to beautiful,
Is not an easy route,
It plays music with your heart, and attires your mood,
To look as beautiful as the morning dew,
Is to have magic in your soul.

The way to beautiful,
Begins with a heart as pure as gold,
With eyes that color the world,
With a smile that lifts weariness,
And, a touch as light as the feathers of a bird,
So light, it makes you float, and not feel the ground,
Much like leaving imprints everlasting on sands of time.

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Some positive thoughts my way!

Nothing like being given the confidence boost:)

A feedback from an English Author on The Healing Riverbeds:
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