Why of Beauty, He asked….


Why? Why of beauty?

Have you ever seen the way the skies react on a pristine, sparkling day,

They gather scattered clouds, colors of some a darker blue than the rest, the pastels emerging white,

They sail, they move, they assemble in colossal plots to magnify Earth’s hidden jewels.


I write of beauty, somedays, to take away ugliness,

Like love reflected on the eyes of Man, for the woman of his arduous desire,

I write of beauty to overshadow the wrath of repulsion,

Beauty calms the wildest thoughts,

Beauty touches the raw of wounds,

Beauty does not taint, it amplifies the world with its eminence.

She walks away, as she always does,

With a smile that captures his telling heart,

The beauty of it that magnifies,

His ardent desire for a love of a kind.

-shobana- All Rights Reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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