In Search For A Place Called Paradise

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Wake the world up? It’s been asleep far too long.

Complacent, Unminding…

Go look for the harbour of safety, for we are now steeped in turbulent uprising.

Where do we start? How do we find the way to a brand new beginning, a brand new way of living?

Would there be the freedom the dolphins have now? Weren’t they once cradled in man-made sanctuaries.

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Where do we start?

Now that the smog has disappeared somewhat, the tip of the Himalayas shows from afar.

The Skies are clearer, the seas calmer.

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Where do we go?

Now that the streets are deserted, no life within each square,

No dancing or merrymaking within closed confines,

Where do we go?

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Where do we go? Now that friends turn into acquaintances,

Now that we are unable to mingle,

Now that we are one no more – separated in a word,

Where do we go?

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We turn to our homes – our sanctuary, We turn to our loved ones,

We build our own distance,

We escape outside wrath,

We build a wall of resistance,

We engrave a tomb of select,

Wherein we rediscover paradise once lost.

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