The Fire of Hope

Today I walk with wisdom,

The world has brought me to my knees,

I am not one who is invincible,

I am not one who can be free – of trials, of tribulation.


I have learnt that no wealth or riches,

Can take away heartache or pain,

When the affliction of disease or death,

Chooses me as its next victim,

I am just as vulnerable.


As I wake each day to a new morning,

I think of the countless who walk without sleep,

Without a chance to see the risen Sun,

Or, see how the birds fly freely,

Nor, celebrate time spent with family,

I feel I am most blessed.


I believe there is freedom in the future,

The chaos we abide in will fade,

Look how the stars come out after days of thunder,

Look how the Sun sets immaculately on horizons,

Bringing a new breath of awareness,

Bringing Hope throughout the world,

To believe that the flicker of light it spreads,

Can uplift a heart, can appease a soul, can calm a turbulent mind.


I know it may seem like nothing,

Not when there is still so much grief,

But knowing that all of these,

Still manifest this world,

Is reason enough to trust in the faith of hope,

Is reason enough to keep on fighting to live.


The fire of hope knows no religion, no order, or race,

It is within each man and woman.

To believe that it fosters inner peace.

The fire of hope ignites a tired soul,

Never let it diminish your will to survive.


-shobana- All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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