It Is Now A Tomorrow’s World!

the summer day

How would you envisage life in a year or so?

One of awakened senses?

Perhaps with the dawn of light,

An enlightening of the soul.


The rays of the Sun trickle through tall, sturdy trees,

Trees that have survived time,

They have grown tall and shade the streets,

Calm streets, untread by hurried feet,

Applaud their heritage.


There is no air that chokes the greenest of its leaves.

I have seen the dust settle on some of those leaves,

A long time ago, when Man wasn’t as conscious of his inaction to preserve nature,

It did choke the tiny birds and insects that feed on the leaves,

Some left bereft of its essence.


Now, I take quiet footsteps,

The stilling silence, nature’s inheritance,

I breathe the most freshest of air,

The smog has cleared, the calm has settled.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020


When One Door Closes…

It has been a frustrating past few days. My computer broke down, and I lost some of my documents and writing I had on file. Well, I was working on a few things with deadlines, now I have redo it, and I am wondering if that inspiration I had on the subject matter I was writing about, would come back once more…

Let’s start once again,

Let’s start one word at a time,

I do remember that it had a great storyline,

With an equally great background.


Let’s start believing once again,

Outside, the weather is just not the same,

It rains when it should shine,

It clouds when it should be clear,

Even the birds have gone missing, perhaps to a new habitat.


Block out those fears in your heart,

The courageous are always a step ahead,

Confidence stares through their eyes,

They can balk at what’s happening,

And say “I’ll rise without succumbing!”

And go on with their daily lives.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020


Earth Day

Let it be what it should be,

A day of Sunrises, Summery love affairs,

A radiantly lit sky, of enraptured hearts and minds,

A paradise that’s as perfumed as the sprawling gardens of petals,

An entrancing stretch of glistening waters,

A gentle outpouring of springs of grace

Peaceful reverie,

Dancing leaves,

Sunset that arouses the magnificent skies,

Stars that collide with the pristine colours of the night,

A Moon that lights a shadowed night,

Of animals, humans, therein reside,

As we are the renters of a world that’s not solely ours.,

. Let it be as it should be.

All rights reserved.