Sunset’s Silhouette

I knew not the beauty of a beholder,

Until one day, I met him in the throes of the skies’ remarkable eminence.

He stood as did I, between the Sun and the Sea,

Our love,

Immersed in a kaleidoscope of colors.

He as starry eyed as I, while I, once,

A painter’s solitary silhouette, against the backdrop of a vision,

Now, no more.

As the sun set into the horizon,

I wondered yet again, if I could touch it before it disappeared,

Somewhere into the Earth’s hemisphere.

Only this time, between the Sunset and Sea,

Would the painter, still see I,

A long time ago, a lonesome silhouette,

Amongst a sunset’s vision?


Would he now,

See two joined as one,

A Man and his Woman,

Their portrait, in contrast to the antonym of a union,

Would they now be his depiction, an artist’s impression,

of the Sunset Silhouette?

shobana. All Rights Reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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