When You Leave A Mark In This World

Did you know that footsteps transcend time?

For a billion years ago,

when the world was at its birth,

Its offsprings spread forth,

their word.

They multiplied in numbers,

Journeyed East, West, North and South,




An evolution of mankind.

They created, masterminded,

Different races, cultures, tradition, 



For I tell you my kindred,

If there were no evolution,

we would be,

One Creed,

One Race,


One Religion.

Hence, the world became separate entities.

Separation, its undoing,

As today,

We stand


As Nations,

As Race,

As Religion.

Then, mankind began a new revolution,

One where they thirsted for a united front,

One where they seeked understanding,

One where they soon became endangered,

For their false misrepresentation,

Of Race,

Of Religion,

Of Creed.

Mankind now sees that footsteps taken alone,

Has Divided, 

Has Misrepresented ,

Has Destroyed,

Their Peace,

Their Salvation,

Their Pride,

As Human Beings.

The dawn of a new age thus chaptered,

Now awaits 





When You Leave A Mark In This World,

Be as spirited as the winds of storm,

Be as peaceful as the doves that fly,

Be as genuine as a newborn’s cry.

When you Leave A Mark In This World,

May it be for the good of all mankind.


All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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