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The timekeeper kept staring at the clouds,
His glass of water crystal clear,
His thirst not near quenched,
His faltered heart a little fearful,
To face the void of an empty vessel.

He sips, and leaves about a glass half filled,
or would you rather think it half empty?

If all the world drank to quench insatiable thirst,
Would they be as fulfilled as a mocking bird,
Mimicking the ways of other birds,
Having its say, in another’s habit.

If men and women rhymed with the times of present,
Ignoring the past, its lessons undone,
Would they be more the wiser, than all the foxes that hound,
The deepest forest, looking for a naive capture.

If hatefulness resides in hearts of men,
Would love ever find a way to unwind their wickedness,
No, not of this hour, or the next for sure,
For love is salvation, while hate is destruction.

If there was a calm before a storm,
Wouldn’t you think it wise, to be of sound mind,
To be unafraid, to be ready for the onslaught,
Wouldn’t you find a way to avoid all harm?

If you and I, were of beginning of time,
Maybe you the Adam, and I, the Eve,
Would you change the way creation was formed?
Would you let the serpent destroy your calm?

All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2020

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