Poetry Reading: The Long Road, by Shobana Gomes

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Performed by Allison Kampf


At first glance, it seemed easy,
I, the traveler on a weary road to perhaps fame,
I tamed my mind to think in ways one would want to impress,
But like a toddler taking baby steps,
I fall, struggling to get back on my feet.

The route I took seemed all too ready to steady that feet,
Through stumbling tears, I made my smiles just as effortless,
I cried first, then I laughed,
Isn’t laughter sometimes created from tears?

The road was long, the road was windy,
The road took me to eternity,
I wondered at some point if I would reach eternity, yes, eternity,
But stop I did not, I traveled through time, I traveled through eternity.

There were days when I thought “not a second to waste”
Until one day I realized that it took time to reach eternity,
It was the long…

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A Love Story Like No Other For You – A Christmas Duet

On Kindle /USD2.99

A Story of love, passion, bitterness and poetic lament. Written in the first narration and told in poetic verses, the story underlines the feelings of man who finds love in the most inopportune time.
A must read, a story that will take one into the mind of a man madly in love and give an account of his desiring heart. A passionate embrace of a love nest that is in his mind.

An Excerpt from the Book:

Sometimes she would look as if it was a natural occurence and she would just push that strand of hair back behind her ear.

Then I noticed her little frown of concentration that made her look even more beautiful and when she looked up I saw that she always kept a fixed smile on her face for me.

(page 96)

Where was she years ago

When I was young with a brash of good looks

With a glass of wine, I would have her dine

And take her down to the town hall dance….

(page 97)

Happy Reading – shobana

Children's books

Kids day reading! A story and A poem on Amazon

The Bluebird, the Eagles and Freedom by [Gomes, Shobana]

The bluebird hatches an idea to free the birds caged in the clouds, the eagle’s aid, and a jailor vanquished.
(It’s a tale told in a poem that is sure to capture young minds)

THE WISHING WELL by [Gomes, Shobana]

The Wishing Well tells  the story of an ambitious young girl of seven, Aruba, who more than anything, wishes to go to school with her best friend, Biluwa, and the rest of the school children in the village.
However, when the time came for the start of the new school term,  her mother,breaks the sad news that they are unable to afford the school fees for Aruba to attend school.Aruba’s hopes are crushed, until she gets a visit from the White Princess of the The Wishing Well.Will the beautiful, enchanting White Princess make her wish come true? Where did the White Princess come from…