At first glance, it seemed easy, I, the traveler on a weary road to perhaps fame, I tamed my mind to think in ways one would want to impress, But like a toddler taking baby steps, I fall, struggling to get back on my feet.

The route I took seemed all too ready to steady that feet, Through stumbling tears, I made my smiles just as effortless, I cried first, then I laughed, Isn’t laughter sometimes created from tears?

The road was long, the road was windy, The road took me to eternity, I wondered at some point if I would reach eternity, yes, eternity, But stop I did not, I traveled through time, I traveled through eternity.

There were days when I thought “not a second to waste,” Until one day I realized that it took time to reach eternity, It was the long road I had chosen, Through much travail, none of which man can know or hear of.

I trudged with time on the long road to eternity once, Right now, I face, I stare ahead, I have not seen the end, No, there is no end, I have only been on the trail to the “beginning.”

The End.

This poem was published on the Poetry Festival website on 25/02/2020

Once Upon a December

Once Upon a December,
When the Yuletide cheer did ring loud,

Everywhere, the spirit of the season, 

triumphed in Merriment and magic.
Yes, Magic!

Did you hear the bells toll loud and clear,

On a starry night as the sound of wheels blazed across the skies?

Who goes there?

Maybe Saint Nicholas,

The gifter!

Did you see the star of David lead the three kings to a stable?

To the place where a newborn,

is born in a manger forlorn.

There was Magic everywhere!
Yes, Magic!

Once Upon a December,

I wished upon a star,

And down came the angels,

On harps and lutes and the trumpets did resound.

I wished for the world to know,

Not all is lost, Not all is in vain, The time for rejoicing bears near.

There was Magic that time too!
Yes, Magic!


Hey all, 
I haven’t been around for a while. Caught up with the unexpected at the homefront. It has been one thing after another – unexpected occurrences. December is now upon us and before long comes the New Year. Well, I wish everyone of you a great month of December and Happy Holidays – shobana

Results of the Reader’s Choice Awards Contest.

Dear All,

Thank you so much for making As Delicate As Snow, a winner in the 2021 TCK Publishing Reader’s Choice Awards Contest! I won the third prize in the romance category for my entry.

It is one of those snow-decked stories that captured my imagination while on a trip to the Rocky Mountains, Colorado in 2016.

I am glad I wrote it and I feel a sense of accomplishment that it had been nominated for an award in the first place, and has now found a place as a winner.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible for me. Your votes meant so much to me. I had 251 votes at the last count. Special thanks to my Linkedin, WordPress, and Twitter friends for their support. I definitely couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you to TCK Publishing too,, for the nomination. As always, it was a last-minute entry having read about the contest on Facebook and thinking if I should give it a shot. I guess the snow worked like a charm.


A Thanksgiving Song

 As she dreams about the gifts that endow nature, man, and all who pass her way, she thinks about love.

What do you say to love that entrusts a heart to you? Would you say that it embodies your sentiments to near madness?
Would you indulge in its truest form of acceptance? Would you remember every moment of its rapture, or every second when the pain of love guides your instincts, to the extent of unbridled affection?

And, be thankful with undying gratitude for a trusting love and its empowerment.

For to feel and to know love is to renounce fear that reigns in an encumbered heart.

Love holds ransom courage.

I shall be away for a couple of days guys. Be safe, be happy. Have a lovely weekend!

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